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Thursday, 7 November 2013

7 November 1963: On this day The Beatles arrived in Dublin to play their one and only performance in the City. They played to a packed audience of screaming fans at the Adelphi Cinema in Middle Abbey Street Dublin. The group, consisting of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were a magnet for droves of young girls who followed them wherever they went, and it was no different in Dublin than it was in Liverpool, London or New York. They went on to be one of the most successful and influential groups of the Modern Age.

Outside the Adelphi cinema in Abbey Street, Dublin, there were scenes of mass hysteria as fans waited for the arrival of the Liverpudlian popstars while the police tried to keep order. Fans described the Beatles singing, their hair and their jackets as "fabulous" and "gorgeous".


The date was part of their 1963 Autumn Tour. They flew from London to Dublin Airport, where they were interviewed by Frank Hall for the RTE television show In Town, which was broadcast later that evening. Following the interview they were taken to the Gresham Hotel by Harry Lush, the Adelphi's manager.

At 1pm they arrived at the Adelphi. A number of reporters were also at the venue, and The Beatles gave a number of interviews. Although they checked out the stage and auditorium prior to showtime, there was no soundcheck or rehearsal.

So the Beatles finished their first show and the crowd just shouted for more, more, more. The Beatles just could not get off the stage, they had to stay put. By this time there were 2,304 people looking for encore after encore. Time marched on and the crowd outside gathered for the late show. The crowds met leaving and entering from Abbey Street.

In the evening The Beatles stayed in the Gresham Hotel for fear of being mobbed by the fans outside.

The Adelphi Cinema, which stood at 98-101 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin, closed in November 1995. It was later demolished, and a car park for Arnotts Department Store was built in its place.