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Thursday, 23 January 2014

24 January 1933: A General Election was held in the Irish Free State on this day. Eamon de Valera, the President of the Executive Council had unexpectedly called the election earlier that month as he sensed an opportunity to exploit the obvious disarray of his political opponents to put together an effective challenge to his Government. Also for the previous year he had been reliant on the informal support of the Labour Party to uphold his minority Government and that relationship was coming to an end. In the event his political acumen more or less paid off as FF was returned with an increased number of deputies and a slender majority of one! From then until 1937 De Valera managed to maintain his position without the support of any other Party in the House.

The results were:

Fianna Fáil (Eamon de Valera): 77 - a gain of 5 seats.

Cumann na nGaedhael (William T. Cosgrave): 48 – a loss of 9 seats.

Labour (William Norton): 8 – a gain of 1 seat.

National Centre Party (Frank McDermott): 11 seats. [New Party]

Independents: 9 – a loss of 4 seats.