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Saturday, 15 March 2014

15 March 1999: The assassination of Solicitor Rosemary Nelson by a loyalist bomb in Lurgan, Co Armagh on this day. She was seen as a hate figure by local loyalists including members of the RUC.

She had received many death threats prior to her murder and knew her life was in danger. Nevertheless she persevered with her efforts to defend those accused by the British State of committing crimes against it.

Some members of the RUC did publicly abuse and assault her in 1997, and make abusive/threatening remarks about her to her clients, which became publicly known. Combined with intelligence leaks these had the effect of legitimising her as a target. There were omissions by the RUC and NIO which rendered her more at risk and more vulnerable.

Her death was one of the most prominent experienced by a member of the legal profession in the North during the Conflict there - even though it happened in the year after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.