Wednesday, 1 January 2014

1 January 1926: 2RN, predecessor of Radio Eireann [1932], was established. The advent of Radio was to transform the nature of communication in Ireland, eventually bringing even the remotest country homes into instant receivers of news and entertainment from the new station’s broadcasting studios.

Séamus Clandillon [above] was appointed the 2RN first Director of Broadcasting

‘2RN began broadcasting from a studio and office at 36 Little Denmark Street, now the site of the ILAC Centre in Dublin. The transmitter was a 1.5 KW Marconi Q type, broadcasting on 390 meters from a hut in McKee Barracks beside the Phoenix Park.

The station call-sign was originated by the British Post Office, the authority responsible at that time, and the name 2RN was thought to be inspired by the last three syllables of the song title "Come Back To Erin".

With only one studio there was a silent, or not so silent, interlude between the programmes as music stands and other furniture were moved about.

Douglas Hyde, founder of the Gaelic League and later first President of the Irish Free State, officially opened 2RN.

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